a website from Harley-Davidson enthusiasts for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, and those who gonna want to experience such a feeling; it's never too late! The myth of Harley-Davidson is a living story enriched daily with new fabulous experiences. There are many things that can be connected with Harley-Davidson. Joy and fun, love and passion, freedom and adventure, Culture and style, sound and rock'n roll, individualists and enthusiasts. To experience something extraordinary, to feel free, to have fun and to enjoy life. It give a chance. Every man is the architect of his own life. And life is too short to stay home or ride conventional motorcycles to end of life. What are you waiting for: every day counts! Change your Life with Harley-Davidson, become part of the legend.

semper fidelis Harley-Davidson

"semper fidelis Harley-Davidson", means something like: "We remain always faithful to Harley-Davidson". This was the plain motivation for us Harley-maniacs to create a website for sympathizers. So, don´t hold back and immerse yourself in the world of Harley-Davidson. And, never forget: The way is the goal!

I love what Harley-Davidson stand for...culture, passion, style and freedom... so this song is a tribute not only to the desert, but also to those biker folk and their beautiful purring roaring two wheelers. Long live rock n roll...
written by mary cigarettes and michael owens ©